Mike and Sylv's Wedding photos

Photographer in cheif

Firstly a huge thank you to Stefan for taking one for the team and working hard taking pictures letting the rest of us relax and have a good time.

Album links

Stef put...

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Mike and Sylv's Wedding

This is a place were we can add information about the wedding

Wedding is done

I’m putting together a page with some photos here

Current plan

7th of July 2018

  • 10:30 am, get married...
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I have a few pictures I should post up some time

Here is one of moritz


It was a difficult trip as I was belatedly saying good bye to Anna. But was glad to do...

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Old Phone Snaps

I was looking through my drop box folder for photos that I could add to the front page, I descided on one showing blue bells. I saw quite a few pictures I’d like to post up so thats what I’m...

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First post

First posts .. .

I’m off on holiday in Sicily soon so will put some words and pictures together for that

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