Online identity hub for Mike


I am a trainee clinical scientist based at Swansea bay university health board, audiology department.


My research ID and publications are on Orchid. I review for Building and Environment and have even been awarded the outstanding reviewer award

Social Media

Don’t get too excited I don’t say much

I think there is an old bebo account some where though that is best left alone.

There are some posts in this part of this site for example words and pictures of holidays etc.


I’m well into rock climbing and my local indoor wall is Dynamic Rock

I like the outdoors generally actually climbing, walking, surfing or just being outside is great.

To help with some back problems and generally improve myself I started Yoga with Kathryn. I’ve not been in a while but hope to again in the future

I used to be a member of my local Hackspace and enjoy a bit of tinkering but again not been in a while.


I didn’t think I had one until my mum recently told me I was a Pantheist , thanks mum

All those words how about a picture?


Here’s one of blue bells from Bonsley woods where I grew up.